According to reports of Directorate General of Employment and Training (DGE&T), a majority of India workforce does not possess marketable skills which is an impediment in getting decent employment and improving their economic conditions of existing Minorities in the country.

While India has large young population, only 10% of the Indian labour forces – 8% informally and 2% formally have acquired vocational skills. About 63% of the school students drop out at different stages reaching class- X. Only about 3.1 million vocational training seats are available in the country whereas about 12.8 million persons enter the labour market every year. Even out of these training places, very few are available for early school dropouts. This signifies that a large number of school drop outs do not have access to skill development for improving their employability at one side and availability of 12.8 million jobs at the other side. As per estimates, in India there is a skill gap of about 244 million across 21 key sectors.

As other Placement linked Skill Development initiatives were taken to uplift living standards and empower the weaker section on the country are being run by various departments of Government of India. Keeping in view the concerned topic and to overcome such situation, specifically for the minority section of Indian population, Ministry of Minority Affairs has introduce the Scheme named “Seekho Aur Kamao – Learn and Earn”.

The Objective:

  • To bring down unemployment rate of minorities.
  • To conserve and update traditional skills of minorities and establish their linkages with market.
  • To improve employ ability of existing workers, school dropouts etc. and ensure their placement.
  • To generate mean so better livelihood for marginalized minorities and bring the min the mainstream.
  • To enable minorities to avail opportunities in the growing market.
  • To develop potential human resource for the country.

The scheme will aim at upgrading the skills of the minority youths in various modern/traditional vocations depending up on their educational qualification, present economic trends and the market potential, which can earn the masuitable employment or make them suitably skilled to go for self employment.

Mass Infotech Society in association with Ministry of Minority Affairs will take up skill development programme for Modular Employable Skills (MES) which are approved by National Council of Vocational Training (NCVT). The MES courses approved by NCVT will be taken up in a particular State or region depending on the demand and local market potential. This would help, in empowering the minority communities to face the market challenges and avail opportunities.